Excellent functionality of the trailers is ensured by numerous accessories, including invasions to facilitate the loading of tracked and wheeled vehicles, numerous handles, stanchion grooves and boxes and storage compartments.

Structural elements

Mud flaps – a pair of single anti-splash mud flaps installed on the axle and a mud flap installed in the rear of the semi-trailer to eliminate water and dirt splashes in traffic.

Load trestle – a load trestle installed to align the level of the lower load deck with the balcony in semi-trailers for the transport of long loads. Optionally, it may be equipped with two container fixtures.

Aluminium ramps – aluminium ramps with the maximum dimensions of 3000 x 600 mm and capacity of 32 tonnes, which may be installed in the rear of the trailer or at the swan neck. After loading the transported machines, they are stored in a case under the deck (see Compartments/Cases/Fixtures).

Electro-hydraulic ramps – electro-hydraulic ramps with the length of 3-5 metres and the width of 730-800 mm. Raised and lowered with hydraulic actuators. Available versions with manual feed, hydraulic feed or no feed.

A pair of hydraulic-controlled support legs, which may be installed in the front or in the rear of the semi-trailer.

Intermediate table with the length of 200-1500 mm. Depending on the dimensions, the intermediate table may be equipped with stanchion sockets, telescopic width extensions and even cavities for the wheels of the construction machine.

Front wall with the height of 400-2000 mm, which shields the tractor against the transported load.

Supports, which increase the width of the load deck – hot-galvanised steel width extensions: telescopic, retractable into the load deck bed, and radial, in lowered deck semi-trailers. They extend the width of semi-trailer to 3 metres.

Cavities for the wheels of the construction machines – Cavities with the depth of up to 400 mm facilitate the transport of high machines for example under bridges and high voltage overhead lines. The placement depends on the transported machine. If required, the cavities may be filled steel, aluminium or wood coatings.

Cavity in the deck, which facilitates travelling under bridges and high voltage overhead lines by retracting the bucket. Cavity of the following dimensions: Length 3000 mm, width 550 mm, depth 300 mm.


Applying outline tape on the semi-trailer – applying the side profile with reflective tape to improve semi-trailer visibility.

The oversize transport set consists of: front-rear side-marker lamps on telescopic arms, white and red plates in accordance with DIN and a beacon light.

Compartments, cases, fixtures

The carrier for the spare wheel may be installed under the semi-trailer or on the front wall. With the latter option, it is possible to install a carrier for two spare wheels.

A set of stanchions may be stored in a case installed under the deck or on a fixture on the inside front wall.

A galvanised case for aluminium ramps installed under the semi-trailer deck.

A tool case installed under the semi-trailer (made of metal or plastics).

A tool case installed in the front of the trailer, accessed from above or from the side of the front wall. Case dimensions 400 x 400 x 2530 mm.

Other tool cases according to individual requirements.

Load security

A load fixing belt with the load capacity of 5 tonnes. The belts are installed using the fixtures in the semi-trailer profile, on the deck or on the front wall.

Aluminium sides on the neck, integrated with a lockable tool case. They enable the transport of small loads or the storage of the accessories used for loading.

Individual stanchion sockets in the semi-trailer lateral profile or rows of stanchion sockets welded in transversely to the main axle of the semi-trailer.

Line hook installed under the semi-trailer lateral profile.

Hot-galvanised steel stanchions with the dimensions of 1060 x 80 x 50 mm.

Fixtures for containers

SAG, SRO and WLL fixtures installed on the semi-trailer according to Customer’s requirements.