Custom Tailored Trailers

Solutions tailored to the highest expectations.

The operations of special transport companies is based on customised and unique solutions. We understand this perfectly. Our company has always aimed at becoming your partner in searching and delivering the best solutions. At DEMARKO, we will design a semi-trailer suitable for each Customer’s special needs.

Even a subtle modification of the smallest component can make the biggest difference. That’s why we created the Custom Tailored Trailers programme, which combines experience with lifecycle development.


Intelligent solutions at the service of the user. Demarko Independent Suspension™ Mobility at the highest level. Inclinometers, accelerometers, encoders, independently mounted, pivoting, swinging, hydraulically suspended. Suspension travel of up to 650 mm.

The business of specialist transport companies is based on individualised and unique solutions. We understand this perfectly. Our company has always strived to be your partner in finding and providing the best solutions. At DEMARKO, we will create a trailer for each customer that is tailored to their specialist needs.

On a day-to-day basis, we create unique and individual designs by adapting them to the requirements of our customers, for example in terms of the terrain in which the trailer will be used, the machinery or goods it will carry, as well as the amenities for the users, i.e. the drivers. Our standard semi-trailer designs are the starting point. Based on these, we can build almost any variant, even the most demanding.


Our designers ensure that the semi-trailer complies with the customer’s expectations and meets all European Union norms and standards. Already at the design stage, we carry out a number of virtual simulations and tests, which allow us to perfectly prepare the design even before it enters the production phase.


To date, we have already produced more than 600 trailers with customer-specific modifications. Each new modification is another step in the development of our company, as well as an extension of the transport capacity of our customers, who return to us with ever newer designs.

With the addition of a modern milling centre to our machine park, we were able to start production of trailers based on an innovative axle steering system. The unquestionable advantages of this system are the steering angles of up to 70 degrees and the high suspension travel. There are 3- and 4-axle trailers available. Up to 12 axle lines can also be individually configured. This innovative solution is applicable wherever manoeuvrability and adaptation to the geographical conditions of the ground (terrain) are required.