We design and manufacture modular Semi-Trailers with lowered decks, low loaders and platform trailers.


Alt do obrazka Low loader semi-trailers

Low loader semi-trailers - ST series

Most versatile trailer series. The multitude of modifications, individualisation and accessories offered by ST series trailers guarantee their multifunctionality and efficiency in oversize transport. If necessary, the load space can be protected with a specialised body.

Alt do obrazka Platform semi-trailers

Platform trailers - PL i PLF series

By virtue of its functionality and versatility, it guarantees high transport performance with economical characteristics. In the case of these trailers, the length of the deck is of the utmost importance with regard to the load. Efficient use of the loading space is extremely important, which is why the semi-trailer accessories are transported in special boxes under the deck.

Alt do obrazka Lowered deck semi-trailers.

Lowered deck semi trailers - LD series.

The lowered load deck, which does not exceed the height of 500 mm, enables trouble-free travel under bridges or high voltage overhead lines.


Alt do obrazka Accessories


Construction elements, marking, lockers, boxes, holders, load securing.