Hydra-Deck Technology™

Hydraulically extendable trailer deck

It makes it possible to transport larger machines and huge components. The fully automated process provides convenience and considerable time savings. Manual widening is replaced by 4 buttons for the 4 widening sections of the trailer. This type of solution guarantees very simple and user-friendly operation of the system. It is also more durable and easier to maintain. Hydradeck is modernity that works in practice.


The advantages of the system:

  • saving time and therefore money (up to 50% of the time needed for loading
  • technically advanced product
  • lower weight than the competition
  • possibility to use the VSE branded axle steering system as well as TRIDEC. This semi-trailer can also be supplied without hydraulically swivelling axles.

Technology for safety

The highest level of safety is the natural result of the creative ingenuity of DEMARKO engineers. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and excellent knowledge of the latest trends, the rear end radius has been reduced on the new model. This change has made the semi-trailer considerably easier to manoeuvre.

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Proven technologies

We only use tried and tested and reliable technologies in our trailers, the introduction of which is preceded by tests and research. This gives us the assurance of the highest quality and faultlessness of our solutions.

  • The ability to configure trailers according to individual preferences (e.g. wheel recesses, bucket recesses, etc.).
  • Technology that guarantees the highest level of safety.
  • Design based on expertise, outstanding skills and knowledge of global trends
  • Higher load capacity for better vehicle manoeuvrability.


We believe that real quality, superior technology and a skilled team should stand behind a modern brand.

Designed for the driver

The trailer has been designed with the driver’s comfort in mind. The use of a hydraulically extended load deck saves up to 50% of the time previously spent loading, while the specially designed wireless remote control makes it much easier to operate the semi-trailer (raising and lowering of the hydraulic overruns, control of the 4 sections of the load deck, manoeuvring of the rear axles of the semi-trailer).

Comfort of use

iTAP is a system of wireless control over semi-trailer functions using mobile devices developed by Knorr-Bremse. The system is used in DEMARKO semi-trailers to facilitate operation and basic diagnostics. It is compatible with all types of tractors and operates based on a wireless Wi-Fi connection between the tablet or smartphone and a small device installed in the semi-trailers.

iTAP offers the following functions:

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Remote control for hydraulic functions

• iLvL electronic suspension system operation which enables a driver-activated option to preset four driving heights in relation to the terrain travelled by the semi-trailer. Each height switch may be also automatic depending on the travel speed.

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Extended deck

Reading the axle set load. Reading the vehicle tilt. Information from coating wear sensors. Operation of three wireless cameras (for reversing and monitoring of the coupling and load deck),

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Hydraulic steering system for trailers

Optionally, tyre pressure and temperature control is possible.