Demarko Independent Suspension™ System

The highest level of technological advancement in the service of the user.

First of all, the chassis – independently mounted, rotating, swinging, hydraulically suspended. Very resistant to bad road and weather conditions. The exceptional precision of the suspension system. Modular construction of each individual axle unit on twin tires. Hydraulic cylinder mounted centrally above the axle. Each aggregate works individually and independently vertically and oscillating, which directly translates into ease of overcoming off-road sections of roads with an irregular surface.

A large suspension stroke of up to 650 mm, a number of sensors, maximum stabilization of the loading platform compensates for any inclinations, all this guarantees unparalleled tactical mobility.

A basic width of 3,000mm, which is increased to 3,500mm by means of hydraulic cylinders. Smooth adjustment of the height of the coupling in the range of 1,250mm – 1,650mm. Swan neck, which thanks to its construction ensures load compensation. Automatic wheel calibration.