The company


Where there is business, challenges arise as well. We address the largest of them. DEMARKO SPECIAL TRAILERS is one of the leading manufacturers of semi-trailers and trailers for oversize transport. Responsibility is the foundation of our company’s operation. It applies to the smallest details of our semi-trailers, but also to the business success of our Customers. The success, to which the solutions we offer contribute to.

Our company has been operating on the market for more than 25 years. The special vehicles we manufacture, typical or untypical, are executed according to the individual needs of our Customers. For 25 years, we have been offering cutting edge technology, verified and reliable components, as well as solid technical knowledge. Our purpose is to meet the requirements of the transport industry, to design innovative structures and to execute them as technically reliable in the optimum manner, along with partner companies. We develop and execute solutions suitable for specific countries, also with regard to post-sales service.
By selecting our company, you will meet a team of experts that fulfil each order with passion and involvement. We know how to earn your trust — specialists trust only specialists. We understand the needs of each industry and know how to fulfil them efficiently. We leave no unanswered questions or unresolved problems. We bring even the most ambitious concepts into life. Our constructions supply the fleets of transport companies worldwide and always prove themselves in use. This is what XXL-trust consists in.