Custom Tailored Trailers

Solutions tailored to the highest expectations

The operations of special transport companies is based on customised and unique solutions. We understand this perfectly. Our company has always aimed at becoming your partner in searching and delivering the best solutions. At DEMARKO, we will design a semi-trailer suitable for each Customer’s special needs.

On a daily basis, we develop unique and individual designs tailored to Customers requirements, for example regarding the terrain the semi-trailer will be used in, the machines or goods it will carry, as well as amenities for the users, namely the drivers. The starting point are the designs of our standard semi-trailers. Based on them, we may design any, even the most demanding variant.

Our designers ensure that the semi-trailer meets the expectations of the Customer and all the standards of the European Union. Already at the designing stage, we perform a series of virtual simulations and tests, which enable a perfect preparation of the design even before it reaches the production stage.

Until now, we have manufactured more than 600 semi-trailers with modifications at Customer’s special request. Each modification is another step forward in the development of our company and widening the transport capabilities of our Customers, who keep returning with new projects.