Ladies and Gentelmen,

In 11.01.2017 in Poznań and 12.01.2017 trainings for, forwarding and piloting shipping companies took place in Opole - of specialist semitrailers organised by the OSPTN association and the producer - DEMARKO Special Trailers company. In the course of the training participants read rights and obligations of the carrier in the nonstandard transport. In it in particular: in legal grounds being applicable in transport orders, liabilities of the carrier in the road transport domestic and international, in insurance policies and documents in the road transport.

Moreover formal and legal aspects were discussed resulting from currently of applicable regulations. In particular they paid attention to practical aspects of the administrative law expressed by Mr Marcin Mroczkowski - Kujawsko deputy of Pomorski of the Provincial Inspector of the road transport from Bydgoszcz.

During this panel discussion issues were discussed among others of indivisible cargo, modular vehicles, category of licences for the ride on the nonstandard vehicle, acceptable pressures of the axis on public roads etc.

A practical training of principles of administering first aid in road traffic accidents presented by the medical lifeguard was a curiosity of the event.

We would like to thank everyone warmly for the numerous arrival, substantive discussion and valuable remarks which fell down while training. Simultaneously we thank the OSPTN management Board for inviting trainings for the participation in the cycle.