The ZTE company is one of leading shipping companies both in Poland and Europe. About the best quality and the reliability of provided services thousands are saying satisfied Customers. The history of the company reaches 1990, when it originally functioning under the name of the Goal the sp. z o.o. provided services mainly on the local and home market. Over the course of time and with getting trusting successively increased her presence outside the country, delivering various goods into the most distant corners of Europe. Today - thanks to heavy and hard work, enthusiasm of many people, investments in means of transporting the ZTE company is becoming a leader after 25 years in its section.

The ZTE company at present has 66 tractors and 70 specialist semitrailers for the transport of untypical charges - a chairman of the management board is enumerating Mr Jacek Panasiuk. Managing so large and diversified means of transporting requires employing many competent people as well as the reliability, the sense of security and the partnership which they expect on the part of suppliers.

One of them is a manufacturer of trailers for heavy haulage DEMARKO Special Trailers from Świętochłowice , who for several years provides a platform trailer , with reduced height coupling for tractors of " Mega ". Trailers are ideal for the transport of long and complicated overall dimensions of elements . The standard length is set for 16.5 m , and thanks to the technology it is possible to stretch an additional 7 meters. Thus distinguished by high load capacity , flexibility and reliability.