Infinite Possibilities

The goal of DEMARKO Special Trailers has always been to search for and supply the best solutions, including the Custom Tailored Trailers These are individual projects tailored to the specialist requirements of transport companies, including terms of the area in which they will be used, transported cargo, as well as facilities for drivers. The starting point are the designs of standard semi-trailers manufactured by DEMARKO Special Trailers. On their basis, the company is able to build almost everyone, even the most extensive variant.

This was the case with trailers delivered for ZPUE S.A. from Włoszczowa - a leading Polish supplier of modern solutions for the power industry and industry. Semi-trailers intended, among others for transporting container transformer stations and spun concrete poles, they have been adapted and designed for specific transport orders. In this case, the output structure was a stretched ST-series semi-trailer. Standard wheels with a diameter of 17.5 -19.5 inches - for the needs of ZPUE S.A. changed to larger - 22.5 inches. Thanks to the high profile, the semi-trailer can easily carry out tasks on any construction site.

The ST series are the most popular DEMARKO Special Trailers, with the most universal characteristics. A large number of modifications and accessories guarantee their multifunctionality and efficiency in oversize transport. The modular design allows its multiple extension and extension. With a stretched trailer, its functionality is ensured by, for example, an intermediate table, which, depending on the dimensions, can be equipped with stanchion seats, telescopic extensions and even depressions. Different variants of axle assembly provide a number of configurations, including a hydraulically enforced twist controlled by a wireless remote control. The maximum technical load is up to 16 t, and the deck in the "driving" position can optionally be located at a height of 800 mm. The height of the cargo deck can be modified by making special recesses for wheels or buckets of transported construction machines.

We bought and intensively exploit several low-loaders - 3 and 4 axles - DEMARKO Special Trailers. With their help, we deliver our products, mostly of large dimensions throughout Poland and Europe. The trailers are therefore heavily used and practically appear in the company only for the time of loading "- says Paweł Mijas, ZPUE S.A. spokesman.