DEMARKO platform semi-trailers are available in two series, PLM and PLF, with 2 to 6 axles.


Although we deal with huge dimensions in broad, we never forget about nuances and minute details. It is the pursuit of perfection that made DEMARKO platform semi-trailers some of the leading solutions on the market. With the functionality, reliability and durability of the structure, the purchase of a PL-series semi-trailer is a fine investment for many years.

We understand the needs of the construction and power industry. We are perfectly aware of the stringent requirements of each of those industries. We aim at becoming an essential part of transport for them. Close co-operation with the Customer and detailed insight into their needs enables us to incessantly upgrade our semi-trailers and strengthen our position in that segment.


Our platform semi-trailers are suitable for the transport of not only especially long, but also high loads. This, however, does not cause difficulties in manoeuvring with the turning radius of not more than 2 metres for a 6-axle semi-trailer. This way loading capabilities have no negative impact on the manoeuvrability of the semi-trailer, which provides high comfort to the user, namely the driver. To ensure transport safety, PL-series semi-trailers are equipped with:

  •  9 or 10 pairs of fixtures provided to attach the load (depending on the sub-series),
  • rows of stanchion sockets with hot-galvanised stanchions,
  • front wall with the maximum height of 2 metres, which shields the tractor against the transported load.

The entire PL-series, through its functionality and versatility, guarantees high transport efficiency with an economic profile. In those semi-trailers, deck length is essential due to the load. Thus, it is very important to use the room under the deck, where one may find both aluminium ramp cases and a spare wheel carrier. DEMARKO platform semi-trailers are divided into two series, PLM and PLF, which are suitable for appropriate load types. This allows not only selecting the most suitable semi-trailer for the needs of our Customers, but also ensures its perfect adaptation to the particular requirements of oversize transport.


Heavy duty lashing rings in front area, 3 pairs, LC=min. 5000 daN

Heavy duty lashing rings in rear loading area, 6 pairs, LC=min. 5000 daN

Stake pockets, 8 pairs

Stake pockets rows crosswise to the axis of trailer, 3 rows

1 fixed axle, 1 self-steering axle


The PLF-series offers semi-trailers suitable to transport loads with high point mass. The deck is at the height of 1360 mm. In the 6-axle version, it may be extended to more than 20 metres. This provides wide transport capabilities and ensures the stability of the transported load.

PLF-series semi-trailers are used mainly to transport loads, such as:

  • prefabricated concrete units,
  • crane structures.

Basing their fleets on DEMARKO platform semi-trailers, the Customers may rest assured that they invest in the highest quality and versatility. Values that constitute a strong foundation for the expansion not only in Poland, but also across Europe.

  1. TLTotal length 13.660 mm
  2. ELExtension length 6.300 mm
  3. TETotal length extended 19.960 mm
  4. WWidth 2.550 mm
  5. KHKingpin height 1.150 mm
  6. LHLoading area height 1.360 mm
  7. FLFront loading area length 4.730 mm
  8. LLRear loading area length 8.930 mm
  9. FOFront overhang 1.530 mm
  10. RORear overhang 2.160 mm
  11. RTSwing clearance radius for truck 2.310 mm
  12. RAClearance radius for trailer 1.990 mm
  13. ADAxle distance 1.910 mm
  14. KADistance from kingpin to the 1st axle 8.000 mm
  1. Max. fifth wheel load 18.000 kg
  2. Axle load capacity 18.000 kg
  3. Gross vehicle weight 36.000 kg
  4. Dead weight 9.000 kg
  5. Payload 27.000 kg

Custom tailored trailers

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We offer tailor-made solutions at Demarko. It means that together with selected partner companies we meet individual demands for configuration, method of action and technology of specialised semitrailers and the selection of non-standard equipment.

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More functionalities, comfort or advanced technologies? We offer a wide range of sets, additional options and unique accessories, designed specifically for the transportation business.

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