ST-series low-loading semi-trailers are offered in versions with 2 to 10 axles and with the width of 2.55 m, 2.75 m and 3.0 m.


The ST-series is the most popular series of DEMARKO semi-trailers with the most versatile profile. The multitude of modifications and accessories offered by ST-series semi-trailers ensure their multi-functionality and efficiency in oversize transport. The modular design enables multiple length and width extensions. When the semi-trailer is extended, its functionality is ensured by for example an intermediate table that, depending on the dimensions, may be equipped with stanchion sockets, telescopic width extensions and even cavities for the wheels of construction machines.
Various variants of axle assembly support a series of configurations, enabling even hydraulic-assisted turns controlled by a wireless remote. The maximum technical load reaches 16 tonnes and the deck in traffic position may optionally be at the height of 800 mm. The height of the load deck may be additionally adjusted using special cavities for the wheels or buckets of the transported machines. Those cavities may be also filled with other transported loads.


With all the modifications available, ST-series semi-trailers may exceptionally fulfil certain functions of platform or low-deck semi-trailers. Those possibilities are provided by for example the installation of a load trestle, which aligns the level of the load deck with the balcony, thus enabling the transport of long loads, such as pipes.
On another hand, with cavities for wheels it is possible to lower slightly the maximum load height and transport higher machines under bridges or high-voltage overhead lines. For the transport of less extreme loads, this is the optimum solution. DEMARKO low-loading semi-trailers are not only the answer for the needs of transport companies in general, but also facilitate the work of drivers and logistics specialists so that the whole industry could use the amenities we offer.
The 3-axle light semi-trailer is an exceptional product in this series. Its basic feature is its low unladen weight of approx. 7,950 kilograms, which contributes to for example reduced fuel consumption in relation to heavier trailers and increased capacity of up to 40 tonnes. It is also the only low-loading semi-trailer that features cavities for construction machines and a cavity for an excavator bucket already in the standard version.


Heavy duty lashing rings in lower loading area, 7 pairs, LC=min. 5000 daN

Goose neck with integrated lashing rail on sides

Stake pockets, 10 pairs

1 fixed axle, 1 self-steering axle


Splendid functionality of the ST-series semi-trailers is ensured by numerous accessories, for example: ramps that facilitate loading tracked and wheeled vehicles, several fixtures, stanchion sockets, cases and compartments.

ST-series semi-trailers are suitable also for transporting two machines of different sizes. Then, the smaller machine may be transported on the swan neck, where additional ramps are installed. This is a perfect solutions for the companies that require semi-trailers for various purposes and more general use.

This series offers the most choice of options and modifications, which is reflected also by the multitude of selections with regard to the number of axles. In total, we manufacture as many as 10 variants, 2 to 10 axles, including the 3-axle light version and two 8-axle variants. In connection with the wide range of additional accessories, this series is the most flexible to be modified by the Customer.

  1. TLTotal length 12.695 mm
  2. ELExtension length 1x 6.300 mm
  3. TETotal length extended 19.265 mm
  4. WWidth 2.550 mm
  5. KHKingpin height 1.240 mm
  6. LHLoading area height 900 mm
  7. FLFixed part behind goose neck 1.000 mm
  8. LLLower loading area length 8.865 mm
  9. ULUpper loading area length 4.100 mm
  10. FOFront overhang 1.400 mm
  11. RORear overhang 1.955 mm
  12. RTSwing clearance radius for truck 2.300 mm
  13. RAClearance radius for trailer 1.651 mm
  14. ADAxle distance 1.360 mm
  15. KADistance from kingpin to the 1st axle 8.210 mm
  1. Max. fifth wheel load 18.000 kg
  2. Axle load capacity 20.000 kg
  3. Gross vehicle weight 38.000 kg
  4. Dead weight 9.800 kg
  5. Payload 28.200 kg

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