At DEMARKO, we embrace innovations. We connect them with our experience and achievements, gained during 25 years of our operations. Thus, we develop cutting edge products that are very mature and trustworthy. Each innovation we implement is determined by the needs of our Customers and the challenges of oversize transport. Well designed and implemented technological solutions equip the semi-trailers we manufacture with better specifications, performance and a wider range of new possibilities. Reliability is always the foundation of the innovations we implement.


Hydraulic-extendible semi-trailer deck by DEMARKO is control at one’s fingertips. It enables the transport of oversize machines and enormous structural elements. Full automation of the process ensures comfort and significant time savings. Manual width extensions is replaced with 4 buttons responsible for 4 semi-trailer sections with width extension. This type of solution ensures very simple and user-friendly system operation. It is also very durable and easy to maintain. Hydradeck is modernity that proves itself in practice.


iTAP is a system of wireless control over semi-trailer functions using mobile devices developed by Knorr-Bremse. The system is used in DEMARKO semi-trailers to facilitate operation and basic diagnostics. It is compatible with all types of tractors and operates based on a wireless Wi-Fi connection between the tablet or smartphone and a small device installed in the semi-trailers.

iTAP offers the following functions:

  • iLvL electronic suspension system operation, which enables pre-setting four driving heights in relation to the terrain travelled by the semi-trailer, activated by the driver. Each height switch may be also automatic depending on the travel speed,
  • reading the axle set load,
  • reading the vehicle tilt,
  • information from coating wear sensors,
  • operation of three wireless cameras (for reversing and monitoring of the coupling and load deck),
  • optionally, tyre pressure and temperature control is possible.